Honda CB 1000R ABS (2008-current): Despite the macho looks, its Japanese, wearing tie.

      Engine: From 2500 rpm upwards, there is great torque, provided by the four cylinder engine. The power delivered is very linear, almost electric feeling. However itĘs a very powerful engine, 130 bhp, rev limiter at 11500 rpm. The 130 bhp figure is far from impressive, however the manner that power is provided , makes it very useable indeed.
    The 1000 c.c. engine gets hot in town use in southern countries warm climates, exactly as one would expect from a one litre engine bike.
       On conditions like this the cooling fan will be working frequently, however no excess heat reaches the rider.
     Riding position: The seat height is average. The seat width is narrow at the front towards the fuel tank, which will allow average height riders to step a firm foot on the ground. The fuel tank is narrow, getting wide to the front.
     The dimensions of the bike are relatively small for the category standards. The weight of the bike feels relatively increased when the bike is static. Centre of gravity feels relatively high.
     Rider is placed in and over the bike , riding position is neutral and slightly inclined to the front.

     Ōn the road: Suspension feels relatively firm, just a hint to the stiff. On urban rides, steering lock is great, thus itĘs a great 1000 c.c. bike for congested streets. It will be very easy for the rider to take advantage of traffic gaps, rider is left relaxed and urban distances are diminished.
     Road imperfections are absorbed as much as they should be. A disadvantage is that the narrow handlebar is sometimes at the same level with car mirrors, which only marginally decreases practicality.
     Consequently its not only one of the easiest 1000 c.c. bikes for town use, but also one of the most pleasant bikes generally  to ride even on congested streets.

     On B-roads agility is superb. ItĘs a very effective and fast bike. At a higher pace suspension feels rather soft, absorbing efficiently road imperfections.
     Riding fast, feedback to the rider is decreased. Compared to the feedback provided by superbikes , the CB 1000 R feels somewhat vague then, however rider will not get anxious. Faster riders would ask for a more cheerful character.
     On the highway the small screen is brilliant up to 180 Km/h providing sufficient air protection, although it may be oscillating at this speed.

     ABS is excellent. As there was the opportunity to conduct a secondary bike test, even without ABS (!), the front brakes are powerful, initial bite is strong, feedback is decent. The rear brake is good, its role is supplementary to the front brake. Consequently the ABS brakes are close to the top of the category, stopping the bike instantly.

     Comments: It has the looks, functionality at its best, full of substance. For average riders, the lost real edge in character is not a disadvantage. For fast riders it certainly is.

Price : 12640 Euros

+Engine performance



-Too preppy, not the macho character that one would expect

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Thanks to the motorcycle shop Baxevanis - Honda, tel.+302109237000, Kalirois 12, Athens, Greece, for the test ride.


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