Kawasaki Ninja 250 R (2008-2012): The novice ridersĒ superbike

     Engine: Torque starts at 2500 rpm, while from 3000 rpm upwards the engine starts to deliver. Its linear up to 8000 rpm, where there is a change in sound and power delivery, up to the rev limiter at 13500 rpm. The ninja will respectably travel up to the speed of 120 Km/h at 8500 rpm, top indicated speed will be 170 Km/h, daunting riderĒs patience though.
     Despite the larger motorcycle elegant looks, the 32,5 nominal bhp at 11000 rpm, together with the rated provided torque of 22 Nm at 8200 rpm, from the two cylinder engine, is very good for town use. It is adequate for B road use, average for teens attempting inspired riding and finally low for highway use.

     Riding position: The narrow seat is low enough, permitting all possible rider body sizes to step both feet firm on the ground. The bike weight feels average, applied low at the bike though, so it will not be a problem.
     On the road : Ninja is a narrow bike, rider is positioned both in and on top of the motorcycle. On town rides, riding position is comfortable, as handlebars are high enough and steering radius is average. Rider will not achieve tight turning curves in traffic congestion. Suspension is to the handling side than to the ride, some riders would expect it to be softer.
     As a result of the above, in town the ninja is a comfortable and enjoyable bike, featuring a neutral riding position. Two disadvantages are  the turning radius and the mirrorĒs height which is the same to that of carsĒ mirrors. Due to the stiff suspension, rider gets really appreciated feedback. However potholes are also felt a little more than what should be considered as ideal.
     At the fast mode, stability is impressing. It is greater than the expected, not only for the 250 c.c. category standards, but it may be compared to that of the 600 c.c. general use standards. The feeling of firmness and stability overwhelming the handling of the ninja, result in less than the expected agility. Thus direction changes cannot really be done instantly, however the neutral handling and decent feedback help riding assurance to grow.
     At the very fast pace the high handle bars become a disadvantage: Front feels rather light, its in need for some weight, while handling remains neutral. Frame and suspension interact well together, however the engine together with the tyres will set the riding limits.
     Front brake is really good, powerful enough, nice initial bite, the rear is average.

     Comments: Concerning the ninja target group, it is a fast motorcycle that its more than just promising big bike elegant looks. ItĒs an integrated bike for a young rider to safely enter the riding attitude of the supersport world. Engine and tyres will set the limits to the more experienced riders.
     Instruments are dated for a modern and stylish bike.

Price ZX250 R Ninja 2012 : 4690 Ī

+ Design

+ Handling

+ User friendly

-Steering radius in town

-Engine performance for the experienced riders

More, specifications

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Baxevanis - Honda, tel.+302109237000, Kalirois 12, Athens, Greece, http://www.baxevanismoto.com/ for the test ride.


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