Honda CBF 125i (2009- current): More than the price asked

     Engine: Predictable output, economy orientated from the 124.7 c.c. engine. It reaches easily the speed of 60 Kmph, needs perfect conditions to achieve the top speed of 110 Km. It doesnĘt really feel happy at such a speed. Top power delivery 11.1 bhp at 8000 rpm, torque 1.14 Kgm at 6250, nominal values.

     On the road: The seat is wide, normal in height. ‘he suspension is at the soft side, absorbing a lot of the road imperfections. Generally the CBF is relaxed, trouble free in town and it will take advantage of every traffic gap due to the slim shape and the extended handlebar movement.
     The CBF provides very good riding quality and feedback to the rider, its very agile and predictable. Nice braking also for this bike category. At the fast pace, gives confidence to the rider to keep high cornering speed and attempt inspired riding.

     Comments: Comfortable, seems relatively bulky for this engine capacity, the saddle is relatively low, very low fuel consumption. Good air protection, if it was more powerful, it could attempt some highway trips although long rides can get tiring for the rider. Price is a major advantage.

Price : 2550 §


+Fuel economy

-May get tiring in long rides

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Honda - Moschonas, tel.+302671023121 in Greece, Kefalonia, Argostoli, for the test ride.

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