Kawasaki ER-6n (2005-8): User friendly with an attitude

     Engine: A pleasurable twin engine, in feeling and sound is the first of the two considerable advantages of this bike. A significant amount of torque starts from 2500 rpm, from 3500 rpm upwards there is enough power to make things going all day in the town, linear up to 7000 rpm. At this point there is a change in sound and a burst is noticeable. Above 7000 rpm linearity returns up to the rev limiter at 11500 rpm, 72 nominal bhp.
     Some vibrations can be felt, in journeys this may be tiresome, the throttle response is instant. When turning off the throttle, the engine decelerates the bike gently.

     Riding position: The seat height is normal, the seat width is narrow at the front, therefore it will be practical even for lower riders, who will step a firm foot on the ground. The bikeĘs dimensions are limited, especially the width which is narrow. The bike feels light and the centre of gravity low. The handle bar is narrow, in normal height, which together with the seat form a comfortable riding position for town or short rides.
     On the road : Suspension is between ride and handling. On town rides, potholes are absorbed while nice feedback comes to the rider. Combined with the good steering lock, providing tight steering radius, the ER6 becomes a competent, user friendly and pleasing bike in town.
     On low friction B roads its neutral, light and agile. The rear suspension sometimes reacts in a crude manner over potholes or bumps in town or B roads. The rear wheel tends to slide under pressure on low friction roads. The short wheelbase of 1405 mm, doesnĘt affect the stability or even the agility of the bike. However the front end may feel nervous on a series of imperfections.
     On high friction B-roads the ER6 provides really nice handling, its stable, neutral, agile, together with a cheerful character. Feedback is not equivalent to that of supersport bikes under great pressure and suspension is to the soft side then, however the ER6 can be really fun.        
     Onto the highway, suspension is relatively soft, air protection is typical for the category of naked standards, that is inadequate after 150 Km/h.
     If a soil road is a must, the narrow handle bar cannot provide a satisfactory leverage, even for the shortest rides. Except from that, the bike is again, user friendly.
     The front twin disc brakes are powerful, providing powerful initial bite, average feedback though.  The rear is good, although on high friction roads its average. Therefore ABS is a great advantage especially on low friction roads.

The engine output, the low price, and the ease of use define the ER6 attitude. The bike features only the necessary gadgets, paint is glossy, otherwise quality built could be better. Tank range is 250 Km.

Price er 6 N ABS  2010-11: 7390 §

+ Engine torque

+User friendly

-Crude reaction of the rear suspension over potholes

-Handling – confidence at the fast pace

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