Kymco People S 200 (2006-2010): Town agility

     Engine: The engine of 163 c.c. accelerates the scooter immediately at 35 Km/h, fast at 60 Km/h, adequately at 80 Km/h, slowly at speeds higher than 90 Km/h, top indicated speed 105 Km/h. Given the capacity, this engine feels and sounds like a restricted one, 11.3 nominal bhp. From 2008  fuel injection is installed.

     Riding position:
The seat height and width are average, thus rider will put a firm foot on the ground. Rider will be positioned in and on the scooter. The weight is small and the centre of gravity is low. Suspension is relatively soft. The dimensions of the scooter are small, especially the width and the riding position is neutral. The steering lock is excellent achieving a really small turning radius.
     On the road: There are two elements that define the scooterĘs handling: The first is the 16 inch wheels, 100-80-16 front and 120-80-16 rear, that makes rides comfortable even on roads with plenty of imperfections. The second is the extreme agility. There are only a few bikes no matter the engine capacity and the bike category that will be more agile than this specific model. The combination of the two above results in a scooter that excels on town rides. Together with the compact dimensions it will take advantage of the smallest traffic gaps and will transfer the rider effortless. On the contrary, it will be comfortable and absorb imperfections the way it should.
     On B roads featuring low friction factor, the great agility becomes gradually a handicap as the pace gets faster and faster. Close to the limit feedback becomes vague, the rear end mainly will tend to slide. However the feeling that the rider gets is that of nervousness. Soon he will quit this kind of pace.
     On high friction roads the extreme agility persists without being bothering. Rider will not be permitted to relax, the engine will set the limit then.
     On soil roads the scooter is comfortable and the riding quality is really good.
     Brakes are generally user friendly,  featuring no initial bite. The front is a disc rotor and is average in stopping power while the rear drum brake is good enough. Applying great pressure to the brake levers, rider will only manage to intentionally lock the rear wheel.

      Comments: The riderĘs foot floor is level, while under the seat there is enough space for an open helmet. In order to increase the scooterĘs carrying capacity a rear top box is needed. The build quality without being top of the class, is not really inferior, given the low tag price.

Price 200 i S : 2860 §

+ Price


+Comfortable rides

-Nervousness regarding close to the handling's limit

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