Honda CBR 600 RR (2007-2008): Its easy to ride a track blade…

      Engine: In this category from the Japanese manufacturers, the best torque at the bottom end. According to the selected speed at the gearbox, engine revs higher than 3000 rpm are needed for an adequate pull.

     Above that some minor lack of power between 5500 and 7000 rpm is noticed. Power output is linear from that figure to the top, 118 bhp, nominal, from the 599 c.c.. Riding at the fast pace will require engine revs higher than 9000 rpm.

     Riding position: The seat height is normal for the standards of the category, every rider higher than average will step both feet firm in the ground. Also riders of every size will find the riding position comfortable, which is ordinary for quite a few Honda motorcycles.
     Rider is placed in and over the bike. Riding position is neutral, satisfactory for town use, riding on the highway or sporty riding-track.
     The dimensions of the bike are just a hint smaller than the standards of the supersport category, that is small. The low weight is impressing, 156.5 Kg dry or 186 Kg kerb, thus maneuvering the bike is really easy.

     On the road:On urban rides its comfortable and agile. Whenever it has to be parked, its extremely light. It may serve for urban commuting, it will not get tiring. In traffic the steering lock is quite good. Filtering will not be a problem either. In southern countries the engine will get hot during summer town rides, engine temperature higher than 100į C will be indicated.

     On B-roads its very agile, rider may ride sight seeing or at a pace, the CBR will not rush things. At a higher pace, the very sharp steering geometry is evident, it's easy and balanced, it gives the impression of lack of inertia. Engine revs should be kept higher than 5000 for a pace like this.

     At a very fast pace, the front end will easily be trusted in order to keep very fast turn in, and high curve speed. It will be flicked from side to side very easily. Change of line is easy, while steadiness is really good. Feedback is superb and brakes are decent.
     The electronic steering damper is necessary for this sharp steering geometry. It will get the job done, without any indication that it was engaged at all.

     On the highway, rider has to show no mercy for the high engine revs, after all itĘs a 600 c.c. motor. Air protection is good for the standards of the category, speed up to 180 Km/h is comfortable for the rider.
     When the pace gets faster on the highway, rider will feel sorry for the engine, air protection is limited, as the neutral riding position is a little upright for high speed travelling.
     The two disc brakes at the front provide powerful braking, very good feedback and strong initialbite. The rear disc brake is good, decent feedback, acting as a complimentary brake for the front.

     Comments: Nice rides, wherever that is, but it doesnĘt make it a big fuss. The advantage of the bike is that it matches with many different riders and their variant riding quests. From 2009 the CBR is equipped with combined ABS, which allows every rider to brake extremely well.
Price cbr 600 RR9 C-ABS : 12760 §

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-In theory, absolute top power figure

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