Kawasaki Z 750 (2007-current): Design, price, honesty...

     Engine: From 3000 rpm, there is plenty of torque. Also constant power delivery up to the rev limiter at 11500 rpm, 106 PS nominal.
     At the top quarter of the power band a very powerful engine.
     Riding position: On town rides, riding position is relatively high, so rider has a good view of the road.
     On the road: Its an agile bike, steering lock is good. Suspension makes rides comfortable, providing increased feedback to the rider at the same time. Out of urban areas, in swift mode, if suspension is correctly adjusted according to the rider and road, handling approaches neutral and still is agile.
     As pace becomes faster, the rear shock will set the limits. Brakes are friendly and adequate.
     Comments: This 2007 version of the first Z 750 remains relatively cheap while it shows exactly the opposite. Design is updated, however suspension could be better, only in the fast mode.

Price Z 750 ABS 2010 : 8790



-Riding in the fast mode

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Tsetselis, tel. +302105737379, Thivwn 103, Peristeri, Greece for the test ride.

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