Honda CBF 600 S ABS (2004-2007): Honest

     Engine: The ace for this motorcycle: Lots of torque from the low end, 1500 rpm are enough for this engine to push the motorcycle, totally linear like an electric one. ̀ore than enough power at 8-11000 rpm, up to the rev limiter, 76 bhp nominal power. Top speed 220 Km/h.

     On the road: On low speed riding, the CBF is relaxed and predictable.  The soft suspension absorbs  road imperfections well.
     Exceptional on urban rides due to the high handlebar, the low centre of gravity and the superb handlebar movement.
     Decent brakes especially with ABS fitted.
     When ridden fast, slow steering geometry is evident. Feedback is then  diminished and deterrent for this kind of riding, close to the limit some flexibility will be noticed.

     Comments: This version, featuring better air protection makes a nice bike for short trips, also aided by the large tank range which is 290 Km. Average touring speed is high, 170 Km/h.

Price cbf s 10 ABS : 8060 ¤

+Power delivery

+Everyday use


-Fast riding

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