Piaggio Vespa GTS 250ie (2007-2008): Classy, Italian

     Engine: Reaches fast the 70 Km.p.h. indication, 100 Km.p.h. adequately, may indicate 125 Km.p.h. at the display, due to the powerful and economical motor of 21 bhp top claimed output.
     On the road: Despite the 12 inch wheels, in everyday use its very comfortable. The seat is wide, the suspension is soft, and low centre of gravity. Riding position is mainly in the vespa, the width of the scooter is relatively short, the steering lock is great.
     All the above result in really trouble free town riding. Its also agile in such a degree that changing direction is considered to be rapid.  When ridden fast, a hint of flexibility may be felt, however under these circumstances, on low traction roads feedback to the rider is very little. The rear brake is superb, the front is fairly good. This scooter is comfortable for the pillion as well.
     Comments:  A unique combination of luxury, classic and modern design. A low consumption scooter, featuring  an all possible indications display, space under the riders seat for a little more than a jet helmet. The  rider's foot floor is not level. The scooter remains comfortable even on soil roads.

Price GTS 250 : 4445



-Feedback in the fast mode and on slippery roads

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