Daelim City Ace 110 (2006-current): Basic, trouble-free use

     Engine: The air cooled, single cylinder four speed 109 c.c. engine delivers 7.5 bhp/ 7500 rpm ęáé 0.93 kgm/ 4750 rpm torque, claimed figures. A semi automatic gear box is equipped, there is no clutch. 

      Actually the use of choke is necessary even on summer time. The gearing is short, just for …experimental reasons a patient rider may start with third gear selected. Under full throttle acceleration the boost provided is satisfying given the engine capacity. At the speed of 90 km/h (56 mph) the engine sounds stressed. 
     Top speed is 100 km/h (62 mph) indicated figure, which indicatively drops to 94 km/h (58 mph) on minor uphill roads and increases to 118 km/h (73 mph) on the opposite direction, on minor downhill roads. The operation of the gearbox is decent, the indication of the selected speed is obscure if rider wears sun glasses. An indicative fuel consumption figure is 2.5 l/100 km, (113 mpg Imperial).
      Riding position: The height of the saddle is low, 765 mm, (30.1 in.), it will be satisfying even to short riders.
      Rider is placed in and over the cub, riding position is neutral, providing alertness on everyday rides. PillionĒs seat is comfortable on everyday rides. 
     The dimensions of the Daelim are naturally decreased, the weight feels very low, 96 kg (212 lbs) nominal dry. 
      On the road: Suspensions feel soft, the two shocks at the rear are adjustable to spring preload in two increments, according to the presence of a pillion on the ride. 
  Alloy rims are featured. The tubeless OE tires are Swallow, with dimensions 2.75/16 at the front and 3.00/16 at the rear. On low friction factor roads use they need to be replaced. 
      On urban rides the City Ace feels right at home, of course not only due to the model name. Generally speaking the cubs and scooters are the easiest bikes to commute in town. Agility is the key riding feature of the little Daelim. 
      On downtown rides the small dimensions and the low weight will substantially help the rider to face traffic challenges. 
     Steering lock is superb, it will be rare if the City Ace sticks into traffic. 
     Filtering is good, despite the fact that both the handlebar and the mirrors are at the same height with carsĒ and SUVsĒ mirrors respectively. The reason is the narrow width of the cub. 
     Street imperfections are absorbed well. Actually comfort provided is better than that of many low priced cubs of the market. 
      On B-roads the Daelim is very agile and usable. Riding reminds of the cheaper cubs of the market, which reminds of the cubs launched 15 years ago. 
      Thus at the fast pace, except from the given agility, rider will not feel adequate confidence and stability. The low production cost is the reason for that, since tires provide moderate feedback while suspensions also reveal their budget price. 
      Given this engine performance, rides on the highway in countries that this is legal, are insecure. On high speed avenues there is no problem though. 
      On dirt roads the comfort provided is decent, nothing for the rider to complain about. 
      Two disc brakes are equipped front and rear, a two-pots caliper at the front, a single piston caliper at the rear. Brakes are powerful, providing average initial bite and relatively good feedback. 
     Thus on decent roads they are superb. However on slippery roads they are stronger than necessary, riderĒs caution on both ends of the bike will be required on emergency braking. 
     Versions/optional/reliability/build quality: Ôhe City Ace may be delivered in a pro (professional) version, that means with a single seat and a heavy duty rack, which is a good option for delivery companies. 
     There is no storage space under the saddle. The use of the kick stand is decent, which is extraordinary at this price category, although the centre stand could be easier to use. A kick start is also standard. 
     Build quality is comparatively good, a proud sticker made in Korea reminds of the manufacturing country. In specific countries a four years warranty is provided. 
      Comments:  Since every other brand of the market provides an underseat storage space, this is a comparative disadvantage for the Daelim. The young owner is rewarded though with an absolute racing look under the seat, a factory one actually! 
      Speaking about racing look, there is another sticker writing racing which would be justified a little more, if the rear  brake pedal just underneath, didnĒt have the dimensions of a small platform! The photos illustrated are for comparative reasons with a pocket camera case.  
Price : 1595 Ī 

Price Pro : 1695 Ī 

 + Price 

 + 4 years warranty in specific countries 

 + Downtown usability - comfort 

- No storage space under the seat

- Please shrink that  brake pedal!

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