Kymco Visa R 110 (2012-current): Low tag price, basic use

      Engine: The air cooled, single cylinder, two valves, four speed, 107 c.c. engine delivers 4.8 bhp/7000 rpm and 0.76 kgm/4000 rpm (5.5 lbs ft/4000 rpm) torque, claimed figures.

     Under full throttle acceleration the speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) is achieved relatively fast, the speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) moderately, 80 km/h (50) mph) relatively slow, top indicated speed of 108 km/h (67 mph) slowly. Thus the performance provided is average given the engine capacity. Frequently even on downtown use, the throttle is fully twisted to the stop. Alternatively, Visa will maintain the speed of 70-80 km/h (43.5-50 mph) comfortably, no faster than that though.
     The engine is fueled by a carburetor. The choke will be useful on those cold days only. A kick-start is also provided. A speed selection indication at the gearbox is provided on the display.
     Riding position: Ôhe height of the saddle is low, 776 mm, 30.55 in, low stature riders will step confidently both feet on the ground.
     Pillion is seated slightly higher than the rider, the saddle is soft, a robust handgrip is also provided.
     VisaĒs dimensions are small, while the weight is considerably small, 95 kg (209.4 lbs) nominal dry.
     Rider is placed in and over the Visa, riding position is neutral. Consequently itĒs a very user friendly moped given the dimensions and the weight, even to short or female riders.
    On the road: Suspensions feel relatively soft, front and rear. There are no adjustments provided. Tires fitted at the specific bike tested were Michelin Gazelle M62 with dimensions 2.5-17 at the front and 2.75-17 at the rear. They are considered to be a very good choice, improving mopedĒs handling.
     On town rides, the Visa is a neutral moped. There are no compromises asked except from the weakness of the engine on fast avenues. Rider doesnĒt s feel comfortable then.
     On downtown rides the Visa feels right at home. The small dimensions and the negligible weight are most helpful to the rider. Agility provided is a great advantage also. There are only few bikes managing easily heavy traffic, most of them belong to this category.
     Steering lock is top class, making maneuvering around cars a ridiculously easy process.
     Filtering is very good, which is due to the small width of the Visa. Actually the height of the handlebar and mirrors of the Visa is the same with carsĒ and SUVsĒ mirrors. Nevertheless rider doesnĒt face any problems due to the narrow width of the bike.
     Urban street imperfections are absorbed moderately for the moped category standards. Rider will notice any street bump or pothole.
     On B-roads Visa is a neutral, agile and powerless moped. Riding reminds of the cheaper mopeds of the market, which remind of the mopeds launched 15 years ago. This is not a great problem for the Visa since it is one of the cheapest, non-Chinese mopeds around! The engine cannot provide adequate performance, especially when carrying a pillion.
     Rider is not motivated to attempt spirited riding on the Visa. If this becomes a goal, it will be performed with a sense of duty, not pleasure. It remains then an average moped, nothing particular to be noticed. Generally speaking it addresses to humble riders. If a rider wishes to experiment with performance or handling, he is kindly requested to search further in the market. From the other hand Visa is much faster than the 50 c.c. mopeds.
     Due to the moderate top speed, the Visa is not a suitable moped to highway use, wherever thatĒs legal of course. Its not proposed even on fast lane avenues use, it will run out of breath, while rider will still be twisting the throttle to the stop.
     On dirt roads the Kymco feels firm. Ideally for a 70 Kg (154 lbs) rider it could be slightly softer. Comfort to the rider is average once more.
     A 220 mm single pot disc brake is equipped at the front, a 110 mm drum brake at the rear. The front brake is comparatively powerful, although feedback to the rider is moderate, wooden almost. The drum brake is powerful, feedback to the rider is average.
     Model history/versions/optional/reliability/quality build: It was introduced in 2011. A smaller 50 c.c. version is also available, engine capacity is smaller, the weight is the same, performance is 2 bhp/5500 rpm, 0.25 kgm/4000 rpm (1.84 lbs ft/4000 rpm) torque, claimed figures. Visa's build quality is good, it cannot be correlated to the low tag price.
     Comments: The storage space underneath the saddle will not accommodate even a bicycle helmet. Its suitable for bikeĒs papers, some tools - minor things. The Visa is designed to securely fix a courierĒs box.
     At the right side of the handlebar a lights on-off switch is provided. A beeper is provided for the indicators, it sounds like a clock, or a musical metronome. The narrow leg-shield is not supposed to protect adequately riderĒs feet from road dirt.
     The side stand is not very useful, because it cannot be closed easily. The centre-stand requires disproportionally more effort than VisaĒs light weight, especially on the initial section of the swing.
     There is a useful trick especially for heavier riders: A considerable force should be applied at the external area of the centre-stand. To balance this force, rider has to bend his body over the saddle of moped, towards the right side of the Visa, lifting the rear by the handgrip. For riders lighter than 70 Kg (154 lbs), the whole body weight has to be applied on the centre-stand…
     Concerning the bikeĒs character, the greatest advantage is the low tag price, which together with the smooth 107 c.c. engine consists a remarkable alternative proposal to the 50 c.c. mopeds and scooters. Thus its not a strictly neighborhood oriented moped like these, although the potential provided is just close to the cheaper examples of the non-Chinese moped range.

Price 50 cc.: 1145 Euros

Price 110 cc: 1245 Euros

+ Tag price

+ Downtown usability

- Engine performance

- The kick and centre stands are not very usable.

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  • RCruz
    I am from the Philippines just like the guy above, I got a Visa R110 too, the black with lemon decal and mags. This is a neat looking, well built moped. I bought it for it's good quality and I could'nt be happier with the the very low price tag of P39,000 pesos, that's like $860!! Can you believe that?!! $860 bucks! I can say anytime that i am a satisfied owner of Kymco Visa R110. I always recomend this to my friends and people i know because I think this is a very good value for money. I see no compromise here because the quality and craftmanship is topnotch!! I ride my Visa all the time, i keep it stock and well kept,
  • Apriliaguy
    The Visa R was available in the Philippines in 2010. I bought mine new then. The coments about the centre/main stand are accurate. I am a heavy guy (90+kg) and I found that for a 110cc motor, the bike was surprisingly powerful. It had no problem carrying me and my partner (total weight 115kg). It is also extremely economical on fuel. Handling was adequate and the bike is fun to ride. The white edition with the mag wheels is an attractive motorcycle. It is essentially a Honda Wave replica. I rode it as fast as I could, when I could - it never let me down.
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