Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa (2008-current): Supersonic

      Engine: Satisfactory torque for adequate acceleration at 3500 rpm, after 5000 rpm the power delivery becomes linear. A lot of power at the top of the range, needs open courses to be released, 194 nominal bhp output from the 1340cc engine.
     At the right handlebar there is a 3 mode power restriction switch.
     Riding position: The bike is relatively low, wide and long. The seat is at a somewhat lower than the normal height, however its wide. Lower riders will need to be really self confident each time they get on or off the bike. Riding position is slightly inclined forward, requiring some time to get used to.
     Suspension is as compliant needed to provide some comfort. At the same time it is firm, which is desired for riding in the fast pace. The centre of gravity is low, the bike's weight is well hidden, and there is a great steering radius.

     On the road: Due to all the above, rider will be asked only for a few compromises on town rides, like the engine heat in southern countries and riding position.
     Out of urban areas, being an evolvement of the previous model, its very steady and it provides better confidence to the rider. ItĘs very agile for the category standards.

     At the fast pace, turn in is really steady. The bike is neutral at the whole length of the curve. Given the torque and the power provided, exit of the corner is really strong. Generally steadiness is superb, providing tons of confidence. However in slow and medium courses provides feedback, that is inferior to that of superbikes. At the very fast pace there, slow steering geometry as well as inertia will be evident.

     At  the highway itĘs very stable, relaxed and providing all the necessary feedback to the rider, achieving ultra high speed riding.
     The radial brakes are very good, providing the right initial bite, powerful braking and decent feedback. That means real confidence to the rider. 

    Comments: Considering the bike's capabilities, it seems easy to ride the Hayabusa. However its a diachronic super bike. It will fulfill to the most, the fast touring quests and road riding, that the majority of riders may ask for. Compromises will be asked for track use, which as the pace gets faster, they will be greater too, but then again with such a bike, this is a matter of time.
     ABS brakes would be welcomed, as speed gets a different meaning riding the Hayabusa .

Price : 15695 §

+Engine performance

+Wide range of use

-Feedback in slow bends

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