Kawasaki Z 750 R (2011-current): Very mature.

     Engine: The four cylinder 748 c.c. delivers 106 bhp/10500 rpm and 8 Kgm/ 8300 rpm, claimed values. The engine is virtually the same with that of the previous model.
     At idle a slight vibration is produced. A minimum of 1500 rpm is required in order to obtain adequate thrust without surging.

     Engine response will easily be forgiving to a wrongly up-shift selected gear, its also very linear, hence user friendly. There are no steps or blank areas concerning the engine response. Thus, riding at the fast pace will indicatively require the higher area of the power band above 7000-8000 rpm.
     Power delivered at the top is quite good considering the engine capacity, rev limiter intervenes at 12500 rpm. Top speed is greater than 230 Km/h indicated figure.
     Conclusively the torque provided at the bottom end is more impressing to the rider compared to the top end performance. An indicative fuel consumption figure is 6 litres/ 100 Km (47 mpg Imperial).
    Riding position: The saddle height is increased. Because the width of the saddle is narrow at the front, average stature riders will step a comfortable foot on the road.
     The dimensions of the bike are normal for the standards of the category as they were established by the …2003 Kawasaki Z 750. The handlebar of the bike is the only wide part of this relatively narrow bike.
     The bike feels relatively heavy, 224 nominal Kgs, curb, 227 Kgs for the ABS version.
     Riding position is sporty, providing alertness. RiderĘs torso is inclined to the front, riderĘs hands are spread wide on the handlebar.
     Pillion is seated quite higher than the rider, there are no handgrips.
    On the road: The inverted 41 mm fork feels firm, the firmness of the shock absorber, which is provided with a linkage, is average. The spring preload and rebound damping are adjusted at both ends.
     The ŌŇ tyres are Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier with dimensions 120/70-17 at the front, 180/55-17 at the rear. Although they are cheap, they will get the job done, as long as rider isnĘt at any peculiar sporty mood.
    On town rides the Z 750 R will excel. The relatively tall riding position provides decent street supervision, creating alertness and sporty mood to the rider.
     The wide handlebar permits easy manoeuvring. The engine provides plenty of torque at the bottom end, rider doesnĘt have to shift speeds all the time.
     In case of traffic jams, steering lock is average. The wide handlebar is a drawback during filtering though, since its as high as car mirrors. The height of the mirrors of the bike is the same with SUVĘs mirrors. Thus filtering is average.
     Comfort to the rider over street imperfections is average for the standards of the category. Rider will notice any pothole or bump. The fork absorbs road imperfections relatively well. The shock absorber is a little harder than ideal, transferring the vibration to the rider.
     On B-roads the Z-R favours stability. Compared with the ex-Zeds, the agility and the joyful character of those have been decreased. Paradoxically, these changes are not observed due to frame or steering geometry alterations. The change of the fork is the only reason.
     Confidence to the rider is increased because of this, although the bike doesnĘt feel lighter or smaller, or simply more agile like the previous models did.
     At the fast pace stability is again the key feature in riding. Handling is better compared with the base model, due to the new front end, although kind of reluctant to turn in. She will obey to her duty though. An expert rider will not feel thrilled.
     The factory mounted tyres require high friction factor roads to provide decent traction, feedback and confidence to the rider are good then.
     On low friction factor roads though feedback to the rider is average, confidence to the rider is slightly better.
     On the highway, air protection is typical for the standards of the naked category, regardless of the engine capacity. Travelling speed is 150 Km/h. In case that rider bows to the front, his bottom at the very rear of the saddle, this speed may be increased to 160 Km/h. In case of short distances, rider may go faster than that.
     Two 300 mm petal disc brakes, four piston radial callipers are equipped at the front, a 250 mm petal disc brake, single piston calliper at the rear. Steel braided lines are used front and rear. The brakes provide relatively good feedback, they are powerful and linear. Braking performance is considered to be an advantage, matching greatly with the character of the Z-R. An optional ABS is available.
     Model history/reliability/quality build: The Z 750 was introduced in 2004, following the successful introduction of the Z 1000, a year earlier.
     A new model Z 750 was introduced in 2007. The engine was weaker by 10 bhp, torque was increased though, in order to comply with Euro 3 specifications. There were many changes also, like an inverted fork derived from the 1000 cc brother, without adjustments.
     There have not been reported any specific problems. The quality build of the Z 750 R is superb.
     Comments: The Z750R exhibits the Z inheritance, introducing some new elements into riding. Stability is enhanced, design is the next significant change, which is discreet, despite the mean looks.
     A few inspiring details are the aluminium swing arm, the inverted fork which together with the brake callipers are derived from Z 1000 2010, the matt black color like a backyard superb finish, new wheels with a red stripe at the black version and quite few more bits and pieces around.
     The tag price is justified if rider would spend a considerable amount to upgrade substantially the base model, many owners did just that. However there are more factory extras, e.g. a road legal Acrapovic slip-on etc..
     Times are tough for new model introductions, this Z is more mature than ever in terms of design and riding. Compared with the rival bikes, the age of the Z is just distinguishable, concerning riding in some cases or design in others.
Price: 9290 §

Price ABS: 9790 §

+ The good-familiar ∆ cuisine

+Quality build

-Minor changes performed after many years of production


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