Suzuki GSXR 1000 K8 (2007-2008): The stable

     Engine: Exceptional response at low rpms, from 2500, even better at middle range, very powerful at the top, 185 nominal bhp.
     Thus at the whole power band there is a serious amount of usable power on tap, an ace for the GSXR.

     On the road: Suspension is stiff, a neutral riding position placing the rider rather in the bike than on top of  it. There is a relatively heavy feeling, the bike provides superb feedback though, while being very stable in every case in or out of town.
     When riding on track, handling favors stability and confidence. Agility is marginally degraded, therefore  turn in to corners and change of direction are relatively slow. There is an average feeling when braking.

     Comments: Comfortable with exceptional feedback on the road, good air protection to the rider, may be chosen for high mileage usage. Changing the pads, improves the front brakes. The finish could be better.

Price : 11295



+Wide range of use

-Relatively slow turn in, in track

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