Suzuki UX Sixteen 150 (2008-current): Close to the integration of the 150 c.c. scooter category.

     The bike under test was almost new, it had clocked 554 Km. The performance described is inferior to that which the future rider will achieve, after a proper run in of the engine.

     Engine: The single cylinder liquid cooled 156 c.c. engine delivers 15 bhp/9000 rpm and 1.3 Kgm/7500 torque, claimed figures.
     Actually the transmission of the scooter favours acceleration up to 80 Km/h, building up speed is slower from that figure upwards. The top speed of almost 120 Km/h, is affected very little by minor road inclines.

     Riding position: Saddle height is average, the width of the saddle though is small at the front, getting large at the rear. A unique riding position is defined due to the saddle shape which is elevated at the rear. As a result of the above, taller than average riders will be satisfied.
     The width of the scooter is generally speaking small, the front of the leg shield and the exhaust are exempted, the width of the scooter is increased because of these parts. Conclusively the width of the scooter is average, the length and height of the scooter are comparatively small. The Sixteen is not among the smallest scooters of the category.
     The weight of the scooter is small, 142 Kg curb, rider will not be concerned. Riding position is relatively neutral, since the handlebar is close to the riderĒs body. Rider is placed in and over the scooter.
    On the road: The fork is soft, while the firmness of the two adjustable shocks at the rear is average at their softest adjustment.
     Factory fitted tyres are Metzeler Feel free, with dimensions 100/80-16 at the front and 120/80-16 at the rear. They consist a good choice on high quality roads, while on roads featuring imperfections these are not absorbed sufficiently. Traction on slippery roads is relatively good. On roads like this, these tyres should be replaced sooner or later.
     An 150 c.c. scooter is right at home on town rides. Rider will be calmer commuting on such a scooter. Agility is very good, stability is even greater though.
     Filtering is good despite the fact that the height of the handlebar and mirrors is about the same with that of carsĒ and SUVsĒ mirrors. During tight filtering, some caution is necessary due to the screen, which brilliantly plays the role of the handguards, as it may hit onto the cars first, prior to the handlebar.
     Steering lock is really good, it will be very helpful on town rides. Street imperfections are absorbed almost sufficiently, the tyres are the major cause for this.
     On B-roads the scooterĒs stability is the key riding feature. Agility is second, although rider will not notice any lack of this element. This results in neutral rides. Feedback to the rider is good.
     At the fast pace some flexibility may be observed especially on sweepers, provided the scooterĒs range of speed!
     On the highway the scooter will be adequate for short rides only. The screen does not tremble at all, providing decent protection from the elements if the rider bows a little to the front. Due to its shape, the screen will protect also riderĒs hands.
     Some weave will be observed between 110 and 120 Km/h, which will result in a more comfortable, lower travelling speed, something between 100 and 110 Km/h, which is not satisfying for highway use.
     Disc brakes are equipped, a three piston caliper at the front and a single piston caliper at the rear. They are combined, activating the rear, the front is partially activated also. They are linear, relatively powerful, which makes them user friendly. Feedback is average though. These brakes are considered to be an advantage for the scooter.
     Comments: The heart shaped air intake and the fake side intakes demonstrate the liquid cooled engine. The optional smart screen as it was previously described, protects the riderĒs hands, since it is extended to the sides of the handlebar. The result is great, significant body and hands weather protection is provided, while the styling is still not old fashioned. However the steel supports of the screen look awkward, embracing the handlebar. Finally the top end of the screen is quite thick, distorting vision sometimes.
     Quality build is good. The top case is also qualitative, itĒs a useful optional since the storage space under the seat will not be adequate even for a normal jet helmet. The pillion handgrips are robust and useful in order to place the scooter on the centre stand. The side stand is not provided. The floor is flat. As an indication for the provided space, at the gloves compartment a mobile phone and a packet of cigarettes may be stored, only.
     Within the limits of imagination, the rear tail light and the indicators resemble to those of the GSXR family. The carbon key lock protection amplifies the sporty looks of the scooter, while the scooterĒs weight is significantly decreased because of it. (That was meant to be a journalistĒs joke). On the contrary the dash is conservative.
     Conclusively the Sixteen, featuring a small yet powerful engine, is striving to be a multipurpose scooter. This is accomplished to a great extent, only a few compromises to specific, secondary aspects will be asked.
Price: 3295 Ī

+ Various fields of use

- Storage space

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