Kymco People 200 GTi (2011-current): When 200 c.c. feel like 300.

    Ňngine: The liquid cooled, single cylinder, four stroke 205 c.c. engine, delivers 21.1 bhp / 8000 rpm and 2Kgm/ 6500 rpm torque, claimed values.

     Under full throttle acceleration the speed of 20 Km/h is achieved fast, yet smoothly. A clear power increase step is noticed then, acceleration becomes linear again from that point up to the scooterĘs top speed of 130 Km/h.
     Top speed may vary from 125 Km/h with adverse wind, to 135 Km/h tailwind. In high speed riding the scooter is very stable, without a hint of weave.
     The scooter under test was new, engine performance may be improved as the run in will be completed. The engine is very powerful for the standards of the category, the above described performance could derive from a 300 c.c. scooter.
     The distinctive transmission response at the region of 20-25 Km/h was noticed at the 300 c.c. People GTi scooter review also.
     Riding position: The seat height  is  normal, while the saddle is wide enough, thus the majority of riders will step a relatively confident foot on the ground.
     The scooter feels relatively heavy. Center of gravity feels at the middle of the scooter. The width of the scooter is average, while the leg shield, down at the front, is wide.
     Rider is positioned mainly in the scooter, riding position is comfortable, almost touring.
     On the road:  The fork feels soft, while the stiffness of the twin shocks at the rear is relatively increased. The dimensions of the tires are 110-70-16 at the front and 140-70-16 at the rear. Factory fitted tyres are Maxxis, which consist an average choice especially on low friction factor streets.
     Town rides are neutral, the width is average for a 200 c.c. scooter. The bulk and the weight of the scooter are well within the 300 c.c. category standards.
     At the process of filtering the handle bar is usually higher than the car mirrors.
     Steering lock is adequate for the use intended, relatively tight steering radius will be achieved.
     The scooter is really agile and stable at the same time on town rides. Feedback provided to the rider is almost top class.
     Actually normal road imperfections are noticed by the rider, riding comfort could be better on poor surface streets.
     On B-roads the scooter is robust and stable, allowing high speed cornering, while whenever the friction factor increases, confidence to the rider is superb for the standards of the category.
     At the fast pace on low friction factor roads, feedback to the rider is moderate, mainly due to the tyres.
     On high speed riding, feedback to the rider is decreased, gradually gets lower than adequate, however only a small percentage of riders will ask for such an excessive cornering speed.
     Even at the very fast pace though, rider will not feel insecure. The People 200 GTi is perfectly balanced then between agility and superb stability.
     Its one of the very few scooters of the bunch that rider will trust that much at the fast pace. Naturally, handling cannot be compared with that of a motorcycle.
     On the highway the People 200 GTi is a well integrated scooter which will meet the expectations of the rider. Its robust and stable, providing confidence.
    If wind is adverse, air pressure is applied at the riderĘs chest and helmet.
    Disc brakes are equipped, featuring steel brake hoses front and rear. A three piston brake caliper is used at the front, two piston brake caliper at the rear. Braking is almost top class. Its powerful, providing powerful initial bite and relatively good feedback front and rear.
     Comments: Quality build is really good. Storage space under the seat is limited, a bicycle helmet or a shopping bag will not be accommodated. Actually the storage space is wide and swallow, the engine capacity decrease did not benefit the 200 c.c. scooter. 
     The lock features an anti theft protective cap, while a hook is provided for shopping bags. The riderĘs feet floor is level, which permits the transport of larger objects. The LED lights at the front,  look really nice.
    People 200 GTi is based on the 300 c.c. big brother. There are minor changes between them, concerning the engine: head, cylinder, piston, crank and injection. Engine power, physical dimensions, weight and riding suit to a 300 c.c. scooter.
     However, while the outcome at the 300 c.c. version provided a sporty sensation, at the 200 c.c. version a committed sporty character is formed.
Price 200 GTi : 3430 §

+ Engine performance for a 200 c.c. scooter

+ Handling

+ Quality build

- Small storage space under the seat 

- Physical dimensions and weight belong to the 300 c.c. scooter category.

- Absolute sporty character for a 200 c.c. scooter..


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  • The Inspector
    This is an excellent ride.I use this scooter to commute 44 miles round trip using the DC beltway. It keeps up with traffic and delivers 65-70 MPG. Stable in the wind and rain.
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