Piaggio Vespa GTS 300ie Touring (2011-current): Modern nostalgia

The scooter tested had clocked just 609 km. The performance described is obviously inferior to the one expected by the owner on a properly run-in scooter.

     Engine: The liquid-cooled single cylinder 278 c.c. Quasar engine delivers 21.5 bhp/7500 rpm and 2.3 kgm / 5000 rpm torque, claimed values.

     Actually the engine produces a noticeable vibration during operation at idle. Under full throttle acceleration , the speed of 40 Km/h is reached extremely quickly, 60 Km/h very-very quickly, 80 Km/h very fast, 100 Km/h fast, 120 Km/h adequately, 130 Km/h slowly, 140 Km/h really slowly, which is the top speed obtained. These are speedometer indications.
     In conclusion, the new 300 c.c. engine improved performance at the area of 100 Km/h. However acceleration is reduced dramatically beyond the 100 Km/h mark.
     Riding position: The seat height is average, the width is considerable though. Average height riders or higher will step a firm foot on the ground.
     The dimensions of the scooter are relatively small, the same applies for the weight, 151 Kgs empty. The rider is placed in and on the Vespa, riding position is neutral.
     On the road: The front suspension is a hydraulic single arm shock absorber providing average rigidity. Two shock absorbers are equipped at the rear, providing relatively firm sensation. The only possible adjustment for the rider is spring preload at the rear.
     The factory fitted tires are Savva with dimensions 120/70-12 at the front and 130/70-12 at the rear. These tyres need considerable time to warm up. The handling of the scooter is not benefited because of the tyres.
     On urban rides the GTS 300 Vespa will excel. The small dimensions, light weight, excellent agility and punchy thrust deriving from the engine create an extremely agile and fast scooter which will rectify any commuting issues. Its agile in such a degree that changing direction is considered to be rapid.
     Filtering is trouble-free despite the fact that the handlebar and mirrorsĒ height is the same with car and SUVĒs mirrors respectively. This is due the narrow width of the scooter.
     Steering lock is excellent. Manoeuvring the GTS through traffic will be very easy due to this top class characteristic.
     Comfort provided to the rider over road imperfections is quite good.
     On B - roads the superb agility is the dominant feature in riding. In fact the GTS is as much agile as it is required by the rider and some more than that. Stability is good. Comfort provided to the rider and pillion is very good.
     At the fast pace on low-average friction factor streets feedback to the rider is diminished, like the previous 250 cc model. In case that rider persists on charging, feedback gets closer to uncertainty. This is due to the small wheels, tyres and relatively soft suspension. Rider will not feel confident at all charging further.
     At the fast pace on high friction factor roads, feedback provided is better than the one mentioned above. Comfort provided to the rider is pretty good for such a riding pace.
     On the highway the engine performance, stability and comfort will help the rider to preserve a travelling speed up to 120 Km/h. At 130 Km/h the engine starts to feel rather weak, stability is gradually reduced up to the top speed.
     220 mm Disc brakes with two piston callipers are used, front and rear. The front brake provides sufficient power, moderate feedback, diving of the front  is decreased under braking. The rear brake is powerful, providing relatively good feedback, while the rear tyre produces a characteristic sound when it tends to lock.
     This sound indication is quite useful on average friction factor roads. From this point of view, thanks Savva, although an ABS system would be most welcomed.
     Reliability: There are no particular problems, at least the external build quality is excellent.
     Model history: The GTS model was introduced in 2007, featuring a 250 cc engine. In 2009 the Quasar 278 c.c. engine was mounted. Also minor suspension changes were performed at the GTS model.
     Comments: The Touring version includes a small screen as well as folding racks at the front and the rear of the scooter. This is a simple thing to do if you want to change a name model to Touring.
     The brown leather saddle with beige stitching, is very stylish. It may be opened with a button next to the bagĒs hook at the leg shield. An open helmet may be accommodated at the storage space under the saddle, not a full face helmet though, because of the small height of the room provided. At the gloves compartment at the front, a pair of gloves, a pocket camera and few minor things will be accommodated. The display features ordinary instruments and a digital clock.
     Lifting the scooter on the centre stand requires some caution. If rider places his foot at the middle of the centre stand while the scooter is lifted in order to be parked, the centre standĒs curve could press riderĒs foot while the stand is extending towards the full extended position.
     It is paradoxical for a scooter, however one of the things stressing the rider on city rides could be the case of a silly accident which could endanger the deep metallic paint or chromed parts of the GTS. It will be a shame for such a high quality design and finish.
     Actually the GTS 300 Touring is a low consumption scooter, featuring an all possible indications display, enough space under the riderĒs seat for a little more than a jet helmet. The rider's foot floor is not level. The scooter remains comfortable even on soil roads. By modern standards, travelling potential is not increased because of the model name, although carrying capacity potential is.
     In terms of design, the GTS 300, like the 250 c.c. former version, is a unique combination of luxury, classic and modern design. The details that characterize this Touring version create a distinguishable scooter in every respect.
     This Vespa creates heavy doses of emotional nostalgia, while riding suits to a modern scooter. Perhaps it is the only modern company entitled to and can produce something like that, at the scooter sector.
Price GTS 300 Touring: 4770 Ī

+ Design - successful nostalgic mood

+ Agility

+ Comfort

- Storage space under the seat

- Feedback at the fast pace on low-average friction factor roads

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