Suzuki DRZ 400 S (2005- 2011): City supermoto

     Engine: Torque is good enough.  clock speed of 100 Km/h is easily reached, it feels powerless above that, up to the top speed of 145 Km/h, 40 bhp top nominal power.
     On the road: On town rides  its very agile, a temptation to play with. It's comfortable, absorbing a lot of road imperfections, while at the same time offering  feedback for  the necessary to the rider. Suspension is relatively soft, the bike's width is narrow. The handlebar is high enough but the steering lock could be greater.  Thus its a rapid and comfortable bike in traffic while it may take advantage of every gap.
     The DRZ-SM  is sure footed, comfortable and stable on B-roads. Keeps high cornering speed. When decent tires are installed or on good tarmac, limits in cornering are set by the engine or the rider, in fast supermoto riding the rear wheel will skid under control.
     Comments: Build quality could be better. The seat will be intimidating after few hours of riding.

Price : -


+Comfortable short rides

-Top engine horsepower

-Build quality could be improved

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