Piaggio Beverly Cruiser 500 10th Anniversary 2011: An army tank among the scooters!

     The scooter under test was an anniversary edition model for the 10 years production of the Beverly 500. The visor which is standard to this model, was not installed.
     The scooter tested had clocked just 443 km. The performance described is obviously inferior to the one expected by the owner on a properly run-in scooter.

     Engine: The liquid-cooled single cylinder 500 c.c. engine delivers 40 bhp/7500 rpm and 4.49 Kgm/5250 rpm torque, claimed values.
     Actually under full throttle acceleration from a standstill, the boost provided is milder than what is expected from the rider. This is due to transmission which favors top speed, providing an advantage on low-moderate friction factor streets: the scooter does not skid uncontrollably applying a handful of the throttle then. The latter would be easy due to the power and torque provided by the engine.
     Consequently the speed of 100 Km/h is achieved very quickly, 120 Km/h fast, 140 Km/h easily, 160 Km/h adequately. Top speed is just above the 160 Km/h figure.
     Travelling speed is 140 Km/h, regardless of carrying a passenger, slightly uphill road or adverse wind. The above provided figures are indications on the dash. It is likely that due to the lack of screen at the specific scooter tested, travelling speed observed could be lower than the one that the future rider will experience.

     Riding position: The height of the comfortable seat is average, 775 mm, its width is increased, though. Thus it will be satisfying to average height or higher, riders. These, will feel confident stepping a firm foot on the ground.
     This issue is very important because the weight of the scooter is quite increased compared with the 300 cc scooters, its 209 kg claimed, curb. It will not be easy for the rider to keep the bike upright in case that it leans to either side.

     The dimensions of the scooter are relatively increased compared with the 300 cc scooter class, not as much as the weight though. Eventually the length is moderate, the width and height are relatively increased.
     Rider is placed definitely in the scooter, riding position is neutral. At the rear of the riderĘs place on the seat, a step is formed, which limits the rider at the front of the particular area, regardless of the ownerĘs height.
     On the road: The 41 mm fork firmness is hard, while the two shocks at the rear feel relatively stiff. The feeling of robustness created to the rider is excellent, hence the title of the review.
     Tyres fitted are Pirelli GTS with dimensions 110/70-16 front and 150/70-14 rear. These tyres are an average choice especially on low-average friction factor roads. By changing them rider will get better grip, under these circumstances.
     On urban rides the heavy and solid sensation provided by the scooter contradicts with the agile feeling that rider will observe. Basically it is a heavy touring scooter, commuting will require some compromises.
     Beverly 500 dislikes the congested traffic conditions. It feels inappropriate. On the contrary, in case of flowing urban traffic, there will not be any problem for the rider, despite BeverlyĘs chubby mass.
     Comfort over road imperfections is relatively good, rider will notice everything, quite filtered though.
     Steering lock is average for the standards of the scooter category, maneuvering through traffic will require some planning in advance sometimes.
     Filtering will not be difficult on the Beverly, despite the fact that the height of the handlebar and mirrors is the same with that of carĘs and SUVĘs mirrors respectively. On traffic congested streets, the filtering provided is not equivalent of course with that of a 125 c.c. scooter.
     On B-roads, the agility provided is the most prominent riding feature. Its superb, from almost zero speed. This agility being felt cannot belong to a heavy bike! Apparently only a scooter could provide these portions of agility.
     BeverlyĘs robust construction is evident any given moment, more discreet though. This is mainly due to the fork.
     Feedback to the rider is quite good. Rider will exploit the potential of the scooter to a much greater extent compared to urban rides. Confidence is also increased.
     At the fast pace, feedback provided is relatively good, it still feels a great scooter for nimble rides. However there is no tendency created to the rider to charge…
     On the highway, Beverly is very stable and robust, inspiring confidence to the rider once again. The review was conducted without the screen fitted on the scooter. However 140 Km/h is a comfortable traveling speed. Presumably if the screen was attached, a traveling speed of 150 Km/h could be accomplished.
     Combined brakes are equipped. Dual 260 mm front discs brakes are used at the front, featuring two piston calipers and a 240 mm disc brake at the rear with a two piston caliper, rubber brake hoses front and rear.
     Applying the front brake, only a front disc brake is activated , braking power is relatively powerful. Applying the rear brake lever, the other front disc brake is applied also, together with the rear brake, providing powerful braking. Feedback to the rider is increased from the combined rear lever, compared to the front one. However whenever rider presses both levers simultaneously, braking is really effective, regardless of the initial speed.
     Comments: Beverly 500 is built on the chassis of the former Beverly 400, there is no relation with Beverly 300. RiderĘs feet floor is not level. There is a light at the storage space under the seat and a 12 V socket.
     Unfortunately the storage spacer provided under the saddle is adequate for a little more than a cycling helmet, or a shopping bag, only. This is because of the great 500 c.c. engine, despite the 14 inch rear wheel.
     The rack provided is very sturdy, it can easily accommodate a top case, counterbalancing the disadvantage of the small storage space under the seat. At the front gloves compartment there are two switches for opening the seat and the fuel cap.
     Generally, chrome has been extensively used in this anniversary version, especially at the area of the handlebar.
     Beverly 500 is the flagship of the family. More than 270000 units have been sold from 2001 that this model was introduced. The anniversary edition features a new matte gray color, brown saddle, many chrome parts, new headlight - instruments and windshield as standard equipment.
     Because it is considered the flagship of the range, a full ABS brake system could have been installed, replacing the plain combined braking system. Hey thatĘs a 2011 review, you know?
Price: 6630 §

+ A short-middle distances touring biased scooter

+ Robustness

+ Quality build

- Weight

- Ease of use downtown is closer to motorcycles than to scooters

- Small storage space under the seat

- Absence of ABS
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