Piaggio MP3 250 (2007-2010): Three wheeler safety

     Engine: In town,  the engine of 250 c.c. is satisfactory. Out of urban areas due to the excess weight, for decent acceleration and sporty riding, revs should be kept higher than 7000 from this motor of 22 nominal bhp. The mp3 will adequately reach 100 Km/h, while a patient rider will be rewarded with an indicated top speed of 135 Km/h.

     On the road: The front suspension is relatively firm  while the rear is to the soft side. Centre of gravity feels low. Some familiarity is needed for the MP3Ęs riding, rewarding rider with remarkable safety, due to the front end of the bike mainly. Speed and safety that can be obtained, cannot be matched by scooters, only by sport motorcycles, however without the front end precise feedback of those.
     Thus on town rides everything is under control, absorbing road imperfections, resulting in comfortable rides. «owever  due to relatively increased volume and weight it may not take advantage of minor traffic gaps.   In speedy riding, when cornering fast, some minor flexibility could take place, however this cannot spoil the MP3Ęs excellent handling.
     Braking provides real confidence to the rider although feedback could be better. There are two disc brakes at the front, one for each wheel. In emergency braking, the rear could lock.
     A crude suspension reaction will be noticed when both front wheels hit the same bump simultaneously.

     Comments: Safety provided, creates sportive expectations that could not be planned for the manufacturerĘs average customer.
     Under the seat, the storage space is superb as 2 open helmets may be kept. This space may be opened also by the rear  side of the scooter, like a car boot.
     The increased weight is evident if the rider has  to push the mp3 when it is stationary.

Price MP3 300 RL : 6530 §

+Active road safety


+Creates sportive expectations in scooter category


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