Peugeot Tweet 150 (2010-current): A superb scooter, a controversial character.

      This model is based on the Sym Symphony Classic.    
     Because of wet weather especially during the period of the test, the pictures of the scooter might not be of the highest quality.

     Engine: The air-cooled 149.6 cc engine which is fed by a carburetor, produces 10.3 bhp/7500 rpm and 1,08 Kgm / 6500 rpm torque, claimed values.

     Actually under full throttle acceleration, Tweet accelerates extremely quickly to 40 km/h, is very quick up to 60 km/h, satisfactory reaches 80 km/h and reaches 100 km/h adequately. The top speed is 115 km/h, which is achieved slowly. Taken from indicated figures. Rider may notice that acceleration is considerably reduced over 60 km / h.
     The use of throttle is required at startup, which is normal because of the carburetor.
     Riding position: The 800 mm saddle height is average for the standards of the category, the majority of the riders will step both feet, firm on the ground. The dimensions of the scooter are relatively small.
    The weight is also small, 109 Kg nominal dry, while center of gravity feels low. Rider is placed in and on the scooter, riding position is neutral.
     On the road: Suspension feels really firm, which is harder than what is expected from an average scooter rider. Consequently a loud and clear sporty character is pointed out. There are two shock absorbers at the rear. The tyres fitted are CST, dimensions are 90/80-16 to the front and 110/70-16 at the rear. They consist an average choice, suitable for high friction factor streets.
     City rides are sporty on the Tweet. The large wheels do not provide the comfort they are supposed to.
     Riding the Tweet is not a transparent-neutral procedure, the scooter transforms it in a more colorful action. From one point of view this results in combining superb agility and increased stability.
     On high quality –high friction streets, feedback and confidence to the rider are superb, high speed riding is easy and safe. However, on poor surface roads, street imperfections are marginally absorbed.

     In the process of filtering, the height of the handlebar is the same with the height of car mirrors. Also the height of the scooterĘs mirrors is the same with the SUV mirrors. However none of these is a disadvantage. Due to the small dimensions of the scooter, filtering is easy.
     Steering lock is exceptional, rider will be satisfied.
     226 mm disk brakes are used on both wheels. A two piston caliper and rubber brake line is equipped at the front. A single piston caliper, steel brake line is used at the rear.
     Brakes are powerful , providing good feedback on high friction factor streets. On low-average friction factor streets, emergency braking will require some caution, as the wheels may be locked.
     Comments: The storage space under the seat is adequate for a Shoei XR1000 full face helmet. It is possible that various full face helmets cannot be accommodated underneath the saddle. The flat floor will provide sufficient space for the feet. A kick start, inner anti theft kill switch and a side stand are standard equipment. The rack may also be used as a pillion handgrip. Instruments are analog and digital. The blue back light is beautiful at night.
     The design combines contemporary and romantic-feminine elements. Build quality is very good, considered the price tag.
     The character of the scooter is very straight forward, asking for high friction factor – high quality streets and a …sporty rider. Riding  is and sounds muscular,engine power exempted, which creates a contradiction with the design.
     There are also 50 and 125 cc versions of the Tweet.
Price: 1900 §

+ Price

+ Sporty

+ Build quality

- Comfort on streets featuring imperfections

- Incompatibility between romantic design and sporty character

More, specifications 125 c.c., (FR)

Thanks to  TEOMOTO SA, L. Kifisou 29, Aigaleo 12242, Athens, tel.:+302103410684, fax:+302103410723 for the bike test.


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