Peugeot Vivacity 125 (2010-current): Agility and storage space in French

     Because of wet weather especially during the period of the test, the pictures of the scooter might not be of the highest quality.

      Engine: The air-cooled single cylinder 124.6 cc engine, which is fed via a carburetor, delivers 8.02 bhp/ 7500 rpm and 0.77 Kgm/6000 rpm torque, claimed values.

     Combined with transmission, engine favors acceleration, than top speed. This scooter accelerates extremely quickly to 20 km/h, is fairly quick up to 40 km/h, and reaches 60 km/h comfortably.
     The top speed is 85 km/h, reaching 94 km/h down hill, or 70 Km/h on the opposite direction, uphill. Taken from indicated figures.
     A slight vibration is produced by engine operation at idle.

     Riding position: The saddle height is moderate, 790 mm, while the width of the seat gets increasing to the rear. Eventually even short riders will step a confident foot on the ground.

     The dimensions of the scooter are relatively small, something to be expected in this scooter category. The weight seems average, nominally 118 Kg dry, while center of gravity is low. Rider is placed in and over the scooter, riding position is neutral, which is common in this scooter category.

     On the road: Suspension is to the firm side. The factory fitted tyres are the Hutchinson Funzys with dimensions 120/70-12 for both front and rear.
     Agility is the key feature for city rides on the Vivacity. There is nothing to puzzle the rider on urban rides, even on traffic congested streets. Agility is not top class, however it is really good, rider will be satisfied.

     Comfort to the rider is good, if city streets are of high quality. Because of the firm suspension and small wheels, road imperfections find their way to the rider. On average quality urban streets, rider will wish for better comfort provided by the scooter.

     At the process of filtering the height of the handlebar is the same with that of car mirrors. Additionally the height of the scooterĘs mirrors is the same with that of the SUV mirrors. However, due to the small width of the scooter, filtering is trouble-free.

     Steering lock is very good, not top class though. Once again rider will be satisfied, the scooter is very agile.
     On B-roads the scooter is very agile. If there are any road imperfections, these will be noticed by the rider.
     On low-average friction factor roads, due to the small size of the wheels, feedback to the rider is diminished as soon as rider increases his pace. Confidence will be lost. Rider will slow down.
     On high friction factor roads, rider will be confident to push, although close to the fast pace, feedback to the rider will be diminished once more. Rider will not be confident to continue charging.
     On dirt roads, the small wheels combined with the firm suspension, do not provide comfortable rides. Actually, rides are harder than average.

     A disc brake is used at the front, a drum at the rear. The front brake featuring a two piston caliper, is powerful, providing decent feedback. The rear drum brake is relatively weak, providing average feedback.

     Comments: The jet-in 125 c.c. version, provides an additional storage space at the front. The front of the leg shield may be opened, revealing a 13 liters compartment, adequate for a jet helmet. At the photos shown the cover of a pocket camera can be seen, for comparison.
     At the 50 cc Vivacity, there is a simple version without this extra storage space and the jet-in version, featuring the storage space. Under the seat, there is a normal 22 liters storage space which is more than adequate for a full face helmet. Certain brands full face helmets with external vents, will not fit under the seat.

     Totally, the enclosed storage space of the scooter is 35 liters already. Rider will be wondering, why other manufacturers didnĘt think of that earlier. It should be expected that there is no glove box at the leg shield. A 34 liters optional top case may be added. The riderĘs feet floor is level. Moving the house anyone?

     A full list of standard fitted equipment provided is there including a side stand, hook for shopping bags, passing signal, external temperature indicator, clock, trip odometer, kick start, 12V socket under the seat. The pillionĘs handgrip is very sturdy.
     Quality build is very good. The French design combines classic and contemporary elements. An electric version of the Vivacity has been presented, providing similar performance to the 50 c.c. version.

Price: 1789 §

+ Riding on high quality streets

+ Storage spaces

- Riding on poor surface streets

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