Kawasaki ZX 10 R (2008-2010): Racing feeling

     Engine: Up to 6000 rpm feels average. It combines rise of revs with power delivery in a kind of similar manner with 600c.c., so it needs to be revved to go fast. From 6000 to 9000 rpm delivers strong acceleration while above 9000 up to 13000 there is huge power delivery, 185 bhp nominal power.
     On the road: The suspension is compliant only for Kawasaki standards. ‘he bike is narrow, firm, feeling of light weight, not really racing riding position. These together with the very good steering lock make it an adequate bike on city rides although the seat is positioned relatively high.
     At the fast pace its very agile, sprightly in the bends even at slow-medium ones.  Turn in to corners is very good, stability is really good, the ZX is smooth and predictable.  A gradual skid at the exit may be performed easily, providing precise information to the rider especially when riding to the limit,  due to the superb front end.
     Its a bike that excites the rider to have fun at the fast mode. Brakes are both friendly and powerful.
     Comments: Installing few aftermarket items may result to an engine boost to the whole spectrum of rpm especially in low - middle range. The 2010 model resembles to the 600 c.c. one with improved air protection for the rider.

Price ZX 10R Ninja 2010: 14990 §


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