Honda NHX 110i Lead (Elite) (2008-current): Absolute city scooter.

     Engine: The liquid-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke injection-fed, 108 cc engine, delivers 9 bhp/7500 rpm and 0.93 Kgm / 6250 rpm torque, nominal values.

     Under full throttle acceleration, this scooter reaches the 20 km / h figure extremely quickly, is very quick up to 40 km / h, quick up to 60 Km/h, adequate up to 80 Km/h. The top speed is 85 km / h on level roads, on minor uphill roads top speed drops to 82 Km/h. Taken from indicated figures.

     Actually, the scoter accelerates briskly at traffic lights, usually faster than cars and quite a few bikes if rider is in the mood! Turning off the throttle results in significant deceleration, up to almost walking pace.

     Riding position: The seat height is low. The width of the saddle is small at the front, wide at the rear. Thus, even short riders will step both feet firm on the ground.
     The dimensions of the scooter are quite small. Rider is placed mostly in the scooter. Riding position is neutral.
     The feet-floor of the scooter is slightly higher than ideal, as the fuel tank is located under it. This results in increased storage space.

     The weight of the scooter feels moderate, 114 Kg nominal curb, which is not as light as it could be expected. However, center of gravity feels very low indeed, which almost eliminates the scooter mass. In combination with the scooterĘs very small dimensions, Lead is a noviceĘs friendly bike.
     The tyres are Chengt Shin Tire, dimensions 90-90/12 at the front and 100-90/10 at the rear.

     On the road: Suspension setting is almost soft, front and rear. A 33 mm telescopic fork and a single shock absorber are used respectively.
     Honda Lead is one of the most enjoyable bikes on urban rides. The minimal dimensions and low weight feel, cancel any restrictions on congested traffic.
     Except from the presumed superb agility, robustness sense tends to prevail, providing relatively good feedback during urban streets cornering. The acceleration provided up to 60 Km/h speed, is equivalent to a larger engine displacement.

     Theoretically, during filtering the height of the LeadĘs handlebar is the same with car mirrors. Also, the mirrors of the bike are much higher than those of cars.
     Actually, neither of the above will concern the rider. Given the small size and especially the width of the Lead, not only filtering is ultra easy, but also rider will attempt precision maneuvering through traffic.
     Steering lock is simply outstanding. As a result of the above, Lead is an absolute city bike which may dominate in urban streets.

     Like nature, in human real life whatever tends to be perfect in one area, it will ask for compromises at another field. The disadvantage of the Lead is that road imperfections are not absorbed adequately. Eventually on streets featuring many imperfections, biker will be riding cautiously.

     Concerning the handling, confidence to the rider is good while feedback to the rider is relatively good at a normal riding pace.
     At a nimble pace however, feedback to the rider decreases to average even on high friction roads, which is mainly due to the tyres fitted. There are no better grip efficient tyre alternative solutions for the time being, because of tyre dimensions. Of course there are not many riders who will try to find any handling limits on a Lead…
     On long stretches-highway the scooter will not be acceptable because of the deliberately limited top speed. It is stable however. After all no one expects a 110 cc bike to succeed there.
     A disc brake two-piston caliper is equipped at the front and a drum brake at the rear. Braking is really good for the character of the scooter and combined: applying the rear brake one of the two pistons at the front caliper is pressed. This system provides good braking power and relatively good feedback from the rear brake. The front brake is quite powerful, providing relatively good feedback.
     Conclusively, rider has to apply the front and rear brake simultaneously, to get decent braking power.

     Comments: The storage space under the seat is surprisingly large for the size of the scooter. It's a little less than adequate for 2 full face helmets, 2 jet helmets will be accomodated! It is flat, the floor of the compartment is coated with carpet.
     The floor at the riderĘs feet is level, of course there is a hook for shopping bags. The gloves compartment at the leg shield is very handy. The aluminum rack is beautiful, it seems quite robust and provides pillion handlebars. There is no side stand, although it can be mounted. The scooter is equipped with antitheft lock.

     The quality built is presumed from Honda, which is very good for such a humble bike. The scooter is not flattered by design, it is once again too conservative. The dimensions of the scooter are small. The price is high, compared to the competition.
     However its one of these rare moments that although the marketing department did not provide any of the usual exuberant promises, the owner gets a very good product. It is uni-dimensional, oriented in urban commuting, that is something accomplished very well.

Price: 2125 §

+ Urban commuting tool

+ Carrying efficiency

+ Quality built

- Comfort over road imperfections.

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