Suzuki GZ 125 Marauder (1998 - present): Roaring silently.

     The bike under test had just clocked 283 Km. An improvement to the performance described should be expected.

     Engine: The quiet 2v, air-cooled, 5 speed single cylinder engine of 125 cc delivers 12 hp / 9500 rpm and 1 Kgm / 7800 rpm torque, nominal values.
     At the limit of the engine revs, the bike accelerates extremely quickly to 30 Km/h first gear, quickly at 50 Km/h second gear, easily reaches 67 Km/h third gear, moderate at 80 Km/h fourth gear. It will require quite some time for the top speed of 110 Km/h, fifth gear. Taken from indicated figures.

     The gearbox was slightly stiffer than ordinary, possibly because the bike was almost new. Particularly shifting from first to second gear requires a definitive foot motion, as neutral is about to be selected.
     The small-capacity engine is adequate for relaxing, low speed rides, which complies in this case with the character of the bike. If rider feels like riding on a nimble pace, engine rpms should be kept high.
     At a speed higher than 70 km / h some high frequency vibrations will be noticed. Also engine operation feels kind of struggling. These characteristics do not really suit to a respectful chopper. There is not any rpm meter. The speedometer is chromed of course.

     Riding position: The seat height is very low. Even really low riders will step both feet very firm on the ground, using the wider rear part of the saddle.
     The height of the bike is small, while the length and width are slightly increased. The width of the motorcycle is defined by the handlebar at the top and riderĘs feet on the footpegs at the bottom.
     Eventually the size of the Marauder gives the impression of a larger bike. Although the weight of the bike seems average, 140 kg curb, centre of gravity is quite low. As a result the weight of the bike will not be bothering for the rider.

     Rider is positioned basically into the motorcycle. Riding position is even more comfortable than neutral. It tends to be lying back, a relaxed riding position for the rider!
    Complying with the riding position, rider's feet are positioned to the front. Footpegs are located where normally the shift lever lies. Again, shift lever lies even more far at the front.
     Tyres fitted are Metzeler Perfect ME 77. The dimensions are 110-90/16 for the front and 130-90/15 for the rear.

     On the road: Suspension is soft, front and rear. A telescopic fork is used at the front and two shock absorbers, no linkage at the rear.
     On city rides, Marauder is very agile as well as neutral. Despite the relaxed riding position, no restriction will be imposed on the rider. This is because its a motorcycle that is designed to accomplish the commuting needs of the rider.
     In the process of filtering, a little compromise will be asked to the rider, as the height of the handlebar is the same with car mirrors. Also the height of the bikeĘs mirrors is the same or marginally smaller than SUV mirrors.
     Steering lock is really good, no problem manoeuvring the bike in traffic. However on traffic congested streets, the length of the bike will gradually become an obstacle.

     Conclusively on traffic congested streets, the GZ is slightly inferior to scooters or mopeds. However itĘs a satisfying motorcycle under these circumstances.
     The comfort provided to the rider on decent streets, is good. However on roads featuring imperfections, comfort is average, as these imperfections will find their way to the rider.
     Due to the riding position, small wheels-travel of the shock absorbers, lack of linkage, comfort to the rider on bumpy streets is equivalent with that of a scooter. Generally it is helpful if rider bows to the front over bumps.
     On B-roads the combination of decent agility and stability is surprising. Cornering is really good for the character of the bike.
     The bike is neutral during the bend, providing relatively good feedback and confidence to the rider, who will be satisfied. Road imperfections will be felt.

     At the fast pace feedback to the rider is decreased. Close to the riding limit the front wheel feels lighter, however riding pace will get slower because of the lack of feedback, well before that. Tyres fitted at the bike are a good choice.

     Braking is good, there is a disc brake featuring a single piston calliper at the front, a drum brake at the rear. The power and feedback provided is good, given the character of the bike.

     Reliability: Mainly at the northern countries, some rust issues have been reported.

     Comments: Metallic paint, a lot of chrome, decent design, the Marauder attracts peopleĘs attention. The wheels are also chromed. Due to the chrome extent, an increased need for cleaning and care will be asked to the rider, as chopper bikes should look immaculate. Due to the quality built, tag price is increased.
     The MarauderĘs quiet engine will not attract any attention. From one point of view, its better that its quiet, due to the small displacement and the single cylinder.
     The capacity of the engine is not written on the bike, however for people relevant with bike matters, the single cylinder engine is an evidence that itĘs a smaller, hence not-the-real-thing chopper. It seems that there is always a bike like that at the SuzukiĘs line up in several engine capacities.
     The white color makes the bike look larger, which is typical for every vehicle. Thus people around the bike get convinced that this is a proper chopper, except from whenever rider applies the throttle. From the other hand rider gets more “motorcycle feeling” than the engine capacity declares. Hence, the title of the review.
     The handlebar may be locked only to the left side. Due to the bike category that the Marauder belongs to, the right hand side handlebar lock should also be possible, as this is the best looking parking position.
     PillionĘs seat may be removed in order to fully expose the rear fender. Practically there are no pillion handgrips.
Price: 3995 §

+ Design – full grown bike looks

+ Practical - user friendly

+ Handling

+ Quality built

- Comfort over street imperfections

- Price for a 125 cc bike

- As it is an otherwise decent bike that can manage greater engine power, the engine feels even weaker.


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