Peugeot LXR 200i (2009- current): Sporty practicality

     The Peugeot LXR 200i is very similar with Sym HD 200 Evo. The differences between them are focused on the brakes.
     The scooter under test was used, a 2010 model with 6900 kilometers on the clock.

     Engine: The liquid-cooled, fed by injection, 171.2 cc engine delivers 16 bhp / 8000 rpm and 1.57 kg m / 6500 rpm of torque, nominal values. Engine meets Euro III emissions standards.
     This scooter accelerates very-very quickly to 20 km / h, is very quick up to 40 km / h, very easily reaches 60 km / h and easily 80 km / h. It is rather slow accelerating from 80 Km/h to 100 km / h, while it will take some additional time for the top speed of 120 km / h.
     On minor downhill roads top speed may be increased to 125 km / h, while on the opposite direction on minor uphill roads, top speed drops to 115 km / h. The figures provided are the ones indicated.
     ‘ransmission design favours acceleration up to 80 km / h. A slight vibration is produced by the engine at idle which is felt on the scooter. This doesnĘt become annoying for the rider.

     Riding position: The seat height is relatively high. Average height riders or higher than that will step a firm foot on the ground. Lower riders will need to be seated at the very front of the saddle. It is not recommended though.

     The dimensions of the scooter are average for the category standards, that is relatively small. The scooter provides a relatively heavy feeling, due to the 142 nominal dry Kg, although centre of gravity is low.

     The rider is placed clearly in the scooter, riding position is neutral.
     The tyres are Duro brand, dimensions are 100-80/16 at the front and 120-80/16 at the rear.

     On the road: The firmness of the suspension is moderate, it cannot be considered to be soft. A telescopic 33 mm fork is used at the front. At the rear there are two shock absorbers which are adjustable to the spring preload. At the scooter under test the shock preload was set to the softest increment.

     City rides are neutral, agility is excellent. It is a very flickable scooter that will accomplish riderĘs commuting expectations.
     During filtering, the height of the handlebar is the same or slightly higher than car mirrors. However due to the relatively small width of the scooter, there will not be any filtering problems for the rider.
     Steering lock is top class. The LXR will easily take advantage of every minor traffic gap.

     Comfort provided to the rider during urban rides, is inferior to the top of the 16 inch wheeled scooters class standards. Riding comfort over street imperfections, could belong to a 15 or even 14 inch wheeled scooter.

     On ¬ – roads, the LXR is a very versatile scooter. At the same time itĘs very stable. At the fast pace, feedback to the rider is average.
     Confidence to the rider is not proportionally decreased though. This is due to the tyres fitted. On high friction tarmac streets, feedback to the rider is good for the standards of the category.
     On dirt roads, LXR is relatively comfortable. If suspension was softer, dirt rides would be more comfortable.

    Single 220 mm disc brakes, twin piston calipers and steel brake lines are used front and rear. The front disc brake provides strong initial bite, as well as decent feedback to the rider. It is relatively powerful. The rear disc brake is powerful, providing good feedback to the rider.
     The combination of the front and rear brake provides decent braking power. On low friction tarmac streets, low speed emergency braking requires some caution. If decent tyres are fitted, braking should be superb.

     Comments: Both the engine capacity and the actual size of the scooter place it between the 125 and 300 cc scooter category. Under the seat there is the exact space for just a full face Shoei helmet, which is very positive for a 16 inch wheeled scooter. There are two practical hooks at the front side of the seat where two helmets may be locked.

     The floor of the scooter is flat. Combined with the hook for shopping bags, the relatively large storage space under the seat, and a robust luggage rack, the LXR will allow carrying of many objects.
     The petrol cap at the left side of the tail may be opened manually.
      At the top left of the leg shield an indication for the level of the cooling liquid is provided through the semi transparent container.
     The luggage rack which serves also as a handle is very handy for placing the scooter to the centre stand. A side stand is also provided. Quality built is very good.

Price used: 2100 §

Price new: 2990 §

+ Engine Performance

+ Brakes

+ Quality built

- Comfort

-Tyres fitted on low friction streets

More, specifications, 125 c.c., (FR)

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Tsetselis, tel. +302105737379, Thivwn 103, Peristeri, Athens, Greece for the test ride.


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